Sunizona Family Farm Tour 2013

Just wanted to share the concept of buying local, that does not mean driving to the grocery store and buying their products, or your nearest big box store. Although “local”, they are not selling products produced in your immediate area. Buying local should be something everyone strives for, meaning the products you do use and can find local, then you should buy them local. For this post we will explore the idea of buying local foods. When you buy local foods not only do you support the farm or farms of your choice, but you are getting produce when it is fresh and bursting with nutrients. Do a little research; find out what your farm is producing and more importantly how they are producing their products. A great place to start is by searching for your CSA or Community Supported Agriculture via the interweb, here is a good place to start, just click HERE.

After becoming more aware of the power that food has on our health, mood, and overall daily life, we wanted to source fresh, organic, local, GMO free, nutrient rich produce. We did some research and found a family farm, Sunizona Family Farms, that has been in the AZ area based out of Dragoon AZ, they take “organic” to the next level. Their concept is to grow veganically, they are certified USDA Organic, but wanted to provide more. If you do a little research you will find that organic farming can include certain fertilizers and pesticides, some of the fertilizers can include bone meal, blood meal, and fertilizers from CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). In CAFO’s the animals are fed a slew of chemicals, antibiotics, GMO grain, Prozac, so on and so forth. It is known that you are what you eat, so when these factory farm animals consume these products, it is passed and shows up in their fecal matter (manure) and also in their bones, and blood. Take that further, when these animal products are used as fertilizer, the plants they grow in actually absorb these antibiotics and other chemicals (Tylenol, Benadryl, Prozac, GMO’s, and many more). So on their quest for a better product that is nutrient dense and free of any added “stuff” Sunizona Family Farms decided to get back to nature and grow produce as Mother Nature does. The way it was described, think of the forest, with all of its diverse plant life, there is little human interaction and certainly no one adding fertilizers or spraying pesticides. The soil is continually fertilized by decomposing plant material, fungus, microbes, etc… So adapting that principle Sunizona Family Farms uses plant based fertilizers to supplement their soil, and you can taste the difference. I never knew what a tomato was supposed to tasted like, and their greens are amazing. We support them by subscribing to a “farm box” and we get to pick and choose what goes in it each week. They support us by providing food that is nutrient rich and contributes to healing our bodies, not destroying our bodies as most foods in the Standard American Diet do. It is a great relationship and we were privileged enough to visit their farm and see firsthand how special their operation is. I encourage you to do the same, find a local farm and support them, cut down how much you rely on the big box stores.

Here are some photo’s of our visit…IMG_20131020_123524_727 IMG_20131020_155118_317 IMG_20131020_123233_634 IMG_20131020_123845_198 IMG_20131020_123901_693 IMG_20131020_124735_177 IMG_20131020_123200_729 IMG_20131020_121425_264 IMG_20131020_121406_551 IMG_20131020_120258_283

So I ask you to evaluate your food choices, do you know where it comes from? How is it grown?

Find you local CSA and get involved! Contribute to the solution not the problem…